“Take a deep breathe and try Salty Yoga”

— London Times


“A salty stay may be what you need to clean up your nasal passages.”

— Natural Health


“The more salty air I breathed in, the slower my breath got. And as I became more in tune with my breath, I felt able to move deeper in each pose—a win-win.”

— Shape


“You can see a difference after one session or you can purchase an inexpensive package for continual health and wellness, which I would definitely recommend.”

— The Mommy Avenger


“Best of New York 2015 - A Halogenerator pumps out microparticles of salt air, a process believed to improve breathing, sleep and stress levels. Your sock-covered feet sink into a bed of pink Himalayan rock salt that releases the same mood-balancing negative ions you take in on a trip to Bermuda.”

— New York Magazine


“I loved my time in the salt room. Not only was it relaxing, but I noticed througout the weekend that it was much easier to breathe through my n ose, which is normally in a constant state of congestion. I went in skeptical but came our a believer.”



“From the second you step into the salt cave and hear the crunch of thousands of pink Himalayan salt crystals beneath your sandals, you’ll realize this isn’t your standard treatment.”

— NY Daily News


“Parents can attend with children so both can fight colds and flu.”

— Westchester Family


“We Tried IT - A salt Cave for health and relaxation”

— People Style Watch


“I immediately noticed by breathing was different. It almost felt as if my whole respiratory system had been cleansed.”

— Essence


“For the type A athlete, it;s almost more helpful in the way that it just makes you sit there and relax.”

— Outside Magazine


“I love this option, which definitely helped my extremely labored nasal breathing.”

— Glamour


“Provides adults and children holistic, drug-free, side-effect-free method to help relieve respiratory and skin issues.”

— Natural Awakenings


“Need a breather? You can live the “salt life” without the beach, thanks to NYC’s only express dry salt wellness center.”

— Time Out


“Relaxation done right!”

— Life & Style


“Increased numbers of folk are swearing by the benefits of Halotherapy.”

— Where NY


“Breathe provides a holistic and drug-free treatment without side-effects that helps relieve respiratory and skin issues while promoting relaxation.”

— More


“25,000 breathes a day with constant contact with toxic fumes - optimal for lung clearing benefits.”

— Athleisure


“Beats colds & sinus infections without pills. It helps NYC marathoners.”

— WPIX News


“Want to do something good for your skin during summer?”

— WABC News


“Boost your immune system. A great way to detox.”

— Fox News


“Have sniffles and sneezes? Breathe may be what you need.”

— NY1 News


“So dear congested ones, if you’ve tried Claritin, Sudafed, NyQuil and every inhaler in the book to no avail, here’s a new suggestion: try Halotherapy.”

— Into the Gloss


“Now you can practice yoga in a salt chamber.”

— Well & Good


“An exclusive experience that simulates natural salt caves, used for hundreds of years for therapeutic purposes.”

— New York Smash Magazine