Salty perfection and beyond! I just truly love it here, have to say! I’m very, very grateful for these sessions!
Allyson Charles, Global Television Host of Mind Body Go
and Wellness Expert
I am going on a plane tomorrow to San Diego and I woke up today with a stuffy nose, I took vitamin C and drank tea all morning but nothing helped till I left the salt room and I was breathing fine and felt great. I really think you have something here and I will gladly spread the word to everyone.
Craig Riggio, Tribune Media Sales
This was such a lovely experience! I can’t wait to tell my friends and family about it and see what longterm effects is has! I can already feel a bit lighter and easier!
Christina G., Manhattan
Recently, I took a plane flight from Phoenix to New York City for a 2-week vacation. Within a couple of days, I developed respiratory issues that included a deep cough, uncomfortable sinus pressure and chest congestion...ugh! Friends encouraged me to try dry salt therapy treatments. I was skeptical, at first, but gave it a try. I was amazed at how much better I felt afterwards! I was able to sleep through the night without severe stuffiness and discomfort and proceeded with my vacation plans with restored energy. I’m fortunate to have been introduced to Breathe and would recommend it to anyone.
Donna B., Arizona
I did the coolest thing these past 2 nights and just wanted to share. I went to BREATHE in Katona for Dry Salt Therapy and loved it! Essentially you lay in a chair for 25 minutes and breathe. The air has dry salt in it which helps to detoxify and rid you of mucus. Last night I didn’t notice too much of a difference, but I definitely do today.
Taylor L., Westchester
My experience at BREATHE was exceptional! I sat in the room for approximately 40 minutes and it not only lessened my breathing issues from this harsh cold weather, but also from a resolving sinusitis. Moreover, I felt so relaxed and clear thinking. This is a great location – prices seem reasonable and I believe there is a benefit to BREATHE treatment options.
Dr. Eric Scardina, MD
BREATHE is a refuge, a haven, a home. BREATHE is one of my favourite places to sit, listen, meditate, be.
Elena Brower, Author of Art of Attention, Meditation and Yoga Teacher
I went and not only was the staff amazingly sweet and helpful with all my questions, they made me feel comfortable and safe to try something new. My asthma has truly improved for the better!
Deanna C., Manhattan
What a fantastic, relaxing way to end the work day! Great idea and execution. I feel as if I”m breathing better already!
Julia M., Manhattan
Visiting the 7th Ave. office is always a magical experience. Between the beautiful, spirited staff and the relaxing, effective treatment you couldn’t ask for more.
Melissa M., Manhattan
My husband stopped snoring since coming to BREATHE. Now we both sleep better. Thank you!
Tara, Manhattan