• 200 Katonah Avenue, 2nd Floor
  • Katonah, NY, 10536
  • United States

Cost: Single Class $85

Teacher: Gene Krackehl


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Class Description: Gene will guide you through a cleansing journey of your Chakra System, using a soundtrack which he composed and performed, helping you to let go of your past fears, anxieties and losses, enabling you to heal your broken heart. This might also help you to find forgiveness for yourself and others, freeing you from your past. His guided visualizations are designed to awaken your spirituality. This group healing will be performed within our Salt Room, a powerful healing environment that adds to this sacred experience. During your time with Gene, micro-particles of salt are blasted into the air creating a subtle yet effective environment that detoxifies your lungs and rejuvenates your skin. Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal mineral! This is a unique group healing that incorporates a unique blend of energy healing, dry salt therapy, sound healing and meditation.