• 200 Katonah Avenue, 2nd Floor
  • Katonah, NY, 10536
  • United States

Cost: Single Class $30

Teacher: Amy Kaufman


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Class Description: During a Guided Meditation with Salt Therapy, the client will be either sitting or lying on a mat while I talk them through a relaxation until their body is completely calm and their mind is free of all thoughts. I then take the client on a "journey" to various places in nature such as a beach, a forest, a field of flowers or even on a hot air balloon. While on this journey I will go through the 7 Chakras of the body and have them breathe in the color that is associated with each Chakra so that physical and emotional healing can begin. All this happens while soothing music is playing in the background and salt air is piped into the Salt Cave. At the end of our Guided Meditation, we leave our "journey" and come back to our bodies. A bell is rung (it's not really a bell but I don't know what to call them) and our Guided Meditation is over.